Kacey Musgraves Makes The Team With The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders


Grab your pom poms and pull up your boots. It’s time to dance with the pageant queen and honorary Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (“DCC”) squad member, Kacey Musgraves.

According to CMT, Musgraves visited with the DCC last week — a hangout that was captured by the long-running show, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. An affiliate with Lucchese boots, the brand of boots the “often imitated, never duplicated” cheerleading team wears, Musgraves took on a role as one of the internationally celebrated dancers for a Season 11 episode.

Musgraves shared her excitement about her adventure at training camp on Instagram:

spaceykacey I had THE most fun being a guest judge/hangin’ with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders yesterday at their rehearsal. This episode will air in Sept. on “DCC: Making the Team” on @cmt They were all so sweet and gave me my own pair of their signature DCC @lucchese boots. I even got to try on the uniform. Shhh. Next to having a pet armadillo my Texan goals have been MADE! ❤️ [photo by @kellychristinesutton]

Season 11 of Making the Team will air on CMT this Fall.

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