Where Words Fail, This Jo Dee Messina Song Speaks


This weekend, our country experienced absolute devastation. First, we heard the news of a talented, beautiful artist, Christina Grimmie, with only twenty-two years behind her and an entire life to live being killed at a meet and greet. The following night, the worst mass shooting in United States history occurred at a nightclub in the same city as Grimmie’s murder: Orlando, Florida.
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Oftentimes we look for answers, but the truth is, we never can find the right ones when such senseless tragedies occur. As music lovers, we turn to lyrics to soothe us, give us the slightest bit of understanding, or simply state what is on our minds when we can’t find the words. Tonight, as I personally reflect on the events of this past weekend, both of which happened not only in my home state, but in my college town, I am convinced that even God must have the blues right now.
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As I continue to see my friends and sorority sisters share that they are safe on Facebook, I am left with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that nobody I know was in harm’s way. However, my heart aches for those who aren’t as fortunate. Pray for Orlando, pray for the victims’ families and friends, pray for Christina Grimmie’s loved ones, but also pray for each others’ continued safety.
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We are all here for one reason, and that is our love of country music; but first and foremost we come together in humanity. Let’s support each other in that arena above all else.

Photo credit: Sandel’ Cash