Jessica Lynn’s EP Will Take You Back In Time & Give You A Glimpse Of The Future


Sometimes you listen to an album and it transports you back in time. Whether it is to a specific memory, a person, or a period in your life, music has a way of taking you back and helping you revisit your past while standing with your feet in the present and your mind on the future.

Jessica Lynn‘s debut EP had that effect on me.

The native New Yorker often draws comparisons to the iconic Shania Twain, likely due to her absolutely gorgeous physique, epically entertaining live show, and fun, catchy songs. Yes, the similarities are there, but never have they been so glaring than on her debut EP. As someone who grew up on Shania, the minute the first track, “Just Be Gone,” began, I felt like I was back in my teens, listening to songs of my past while looking forward and seeing that Jessica is very much the future of country music.
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Jessica Lynn EP contains six diverse tracks, ranging from the sassy pop-country lead single, “Not Your Woman,” to the traditional country sounding “Twice As Good,” to the sentimental ballad, “Pretty.” Providing fans with emotionally-driven material, empowering tunes, and songs that would fare well on a party play list, Jessica wisely chose her tracks to ensure that she can’t be pigeonholed into a certain “type” of country music, but also cannot be accused of not knowing who she is as an artist.
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Jessica Lynn’s debut EP has something for everybody, no matter where you are in life. The realization of the importance of releasing versatile tracks can likely be attributed to the fact that Jessica is incredibly tuned in to her fans and was certain to provide each of her dedicated supporters with something they could claim as their new favorite song.
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Jessica Lynn EP is now available on iTunes and all other digital outlets. You can download it by clicking here or you can purchase a hard copy on Jessica Lynn’s official website.

Track List:
Just Be Gone
Twice As Good
Be With You
Not Your Woman




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