Is Blake Shelton shooting a music video at the former Pink Pistol?

blake-shelton-lawsuitJust one short week after announcing that he’d purchased the building where Miranda Lambert’s Oklahoma Pink Pistol had been, it looks like there’s possibly some activity of the video shoot kind going on in the old building.

Last week, Miranda Lambert announced that she was closing her Pink Pistol in Tishomingo to focus on and expand her Texas location. Totally understandable considering she and Blake are divorced and she no longer lives in the Oklahoma town. Later that same day, Blake announced that he had purchased the building The Pink Pistol had been housed in and had something “brewing.”

Well it looks like Blake just might have something brewing a little sooner than most fans probably expected.

One fan shared a picture on Twitter of several buses and crew in front of the location of the old Pink Pistol in Tishomingo and wondered if it might just be a video shoot taking place.

Do you suppose Blake’s shooting a video for the controversial She’s Got a Way With Words? Now that would definitely be an interesting turn of events.

[youtube id=”Gv1dgZuOYlI”]