Florida Georgia Line Slams Bobby Bones For Billboard Stunt


In his recent best-selling book, iHeartMedia radio show host Bobby Bones admitted that he once paid for billboards to run an anti-campaign as a publicity stunt. The billboards which read “Go Away Bobby Bones” cost the nationally syndicated show host $13,000 ($2,150 each).

While some found the “negative press is still press” move to be rather genius, a certain musical duo begged to differ. Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley appeared at SiriusXM Music City Theatre yesterday for an acoustic performance and used the platform to express their feelings about the Bones admission.

The Highway host Storme Warren made the following statement to the award-winning duo:

You guys have always been in the crosshairs of controversy. You didn’t bring it on yourselves. Or you did, I don’t know. But people just love firing stuff at you.

Hubbard used the opportunity to avoid speaking of the controversy surrounding their new song, “H.O.L.Y.,” and make a dig at Bones. “We didn’t put a billboard on the Interstate.”

Storme Warren responded with a humored “Wow. That was fantastic!” Hubbard then stated that he didn’t know why he said that before segueing back into the intended conversation.

Bones chose to acknowledge the comment made by Hubbard, but opted not to fuel the fire by keeping things “positive.”

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In an attempt to show that there actually is no personal animosity aimed toward Bones by the duo, Florida Georgia Line tweeted out that they would be making a donation to Musicians On Call in Bobby Bones’ name.

Florida Georgia Line and Bones are both slated to appear at the CMT Awards, which take place tonight as a precursor for the 2016 CMA Fest.