False alarm. Blake Shelton just parked at The Pink Pistol

Blake Shelton Pink Pistol

Okay, false alarm. Blake Shelton apparently isn’t shooting a video in the former home of The Pink Pistol, he was just parked there.

Yesterday, we shared a photo a fan had shared on Twitter of a couple of Blake’s tour buses parked in front of the building that up until last week had housed ex-wife Miranda Lambert’s Pink Pistol. The road was partially blocked and a couple of what looked like crew people were milling around outside. It definitely looked like there might be a video shoot going on. Turns out there is a video shoot going on, but it was taking place a couple of doors down rather than in the old Pink Pistol itself.

The Durant Democrat got the 411: 

Blake Shelton of Ada is back in his adopted hometown of Tishomingo. He has transformed a building, just a couple of door down from the former Pink Pistol, to a video studio. Blake’s building, ‘The Red Rifle’ became a bar set for his music video.

The Red Rifle. Cute.

Various other reports say that Blake will be shooting more scenes for the video in other places around town this week. Although it hasn’t been announced yet what song he’s shooting the video for, my money’s still on She’s Got a Way With Words.




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  1. abnoles21@aol.com'

    The Red Rifle? Really? This guy is a joke. Dude isn’t even creative enough to come up w/ a clever/original enough name by himself. Good Lord, hope that is wrong info.

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