Dixie Chicks Pay Tribute to Florida Shooting Victims in NYC with Ben Harper’s “Better Way”


The Dixie Chicks brought their comeback tour to New York City’s Madison Square Garden last night, and included in their set was an uplifting tribute to the victims of the Orlando, Florida shooting.

With their stage backdrop a rainbow heart, Natalie Maines declared:

A real asshole did something real bad this week and made us not ready to make nice, but we cannot let the hatred and the anger win out. We can’t leave you guys not ready to make nice. We gotta put positivity out there to the universe to counter-balance all these crazy nut jobs, and we’re going to do that by chanting this song at the top of our lungs…”

The Chicks then launched into an uplifting cover of Ben Harper’s “Better Way,” which repeats the simple yet profound phrase “I believe in a better way.”
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Watch the Dixie Chicks Cover “Better Way” below:


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