Exclusive Interview: Meet Singer-Songwriter Cassidy Lynn


Cassidy Lynn is a Given Music Publishing songwriter who has had her sights set on a career in country music since before she can remember.

Born and raised in New York, Lynn’s home was always filled with music because her father was a radio DJ. At the age of four, Lynn was already begging for vocal lessons, so her parents installed a karaoke system in their home, giving their young daughter the opportunity to work on her craft privately. To grow her “catalog” of tunes, Lynn would memorize songs from her family’s CD collection and sing them on karaoke, acting as various lead singers. It was this hobby that led to bigger stages, including her childhood talent show.
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When Lynn was nine, she nervously took the stage and performed before a crowd of people for the first time. It was then she realized she found what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. As far as the direction in which Lynn wanted to go, it was inevitable that she would focus on the country music genre — one that is surprisingly prevalent in her native Upstate New York.

It’s funny because country music not being big in the STATE of New York is actually a misconception. I’m sure the city is probably different but Upstate New York is the most beautiful, rural, redneck-filled place. I grew up listening to everything from The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac to John Denver, Patsy Cline, and Alison Krauss, and I focused in on country music over time. Country music in the nineties is where it’s at! The stories captured me. . . . All the small town songs on the radio described where I’m from. Doesn’t everyone feel that way?!

One of the nineties artists that shaped Lynn’s career was LeAnn Rimes. Hoping to follow in her idol’s footsteps, Lynn set a goal of being in Nashville by the time she was eleven, even if that meant leaving her parents behind, she joked. Realistically, Lynn ultimately decided a relocation after high school would be the ultimate goal, but when she began to experience hometown success with a band, she held off a bit longer and finally made the big move when the time seemed right.

I moved at the age of twenty with a two year degree and transferred into Belmont to finish my four year. Everyone always says Nashville is a, “Must be present to win” kind of town. You want this? Be here.

For Lynn, winning meant coming to Nashville, “faking it” as a writer and being signed as an artist; but that was not quite how her road was paved. Rather, Lynn learned that there is no faking the songwriting part of the job and she would have to buckle down, hone that skill, and become a strong writer if she wanted to progress in the country music industry.

I realized I was going to have to get GOOD at writing so I started writing with anyone and everyone who would write with me. If I couldn’t get in a door from one direction, I’d try the other direction. I just kept writing until what was coming out was worth playing for people and then I chased down meetings with publishers.

In order to get better at writing, Lynn had to learn quickly what her strengths are and how to bring those strengths to different sessions, considering no two writes are the same. Recognizing her gift for lyrics, Lynn’s ability to take an idea, string words together to develop a thought or feeling, and touch listeners has made her a sought out writer on Music Row. In fact, Lynn recently experienced her first Sirius XM The Highway No. 1 with Glen Templeton‘s “Ball Cap,” (Forest Glen Whitehead and Dylan Scott) which held on to the top spot for three consecutive weeks. She also has cuts with Two Story Road (“Light Of The Moon” with Brandon and Jamelle Fraley and Jason Matthews), Lockhart (“Saturday Night” with Johnny Bulford), and Trinity River Band (“Comeback Train” with Jerry Salley).
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With a Given Music Publishing deal now under her belt, Lynn has begun to set her sights on the future, which ideally includes a couple of specific artists joining her for writing sessions and/or cutting her music.

Chris Stapleton because I’ve been following his music since the Steeldrivers, and who wouldn’t want to sit in a room and listen to him sing all day? I swear I have an entire album basically written for Miranda Lambert already since our stuff has common qualities and I’d love to write WITH her as well.

As Lynn continues to write many times a week, she is also in the process of releasing her new EP, which is linked to her creative idea, the #PolaroidProject. The four-track EP will be released on Friday, July 1, to iTunes, and hard copies of the EP will be available at Lynn’s live shows.
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For more information on Cassidy Lynn, visit her new official website by clicking here. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and by following the hashtag #PolaroidProject on Twitter and Instagram.