Cassadee Pope’s New “Summer” Video Is SMOKIN’ Hot (Watch!)


Cassadee Pope released her Summer EP today, and in tandem with the album becoming available was the release of the lead single, “Summer,” and its jaw-dropping music video.

Let me preface it by saying that 1) if you are under seventeen, you should probably get your parents’ permission to watch this video, and 2) if you don’t nervously giggle throughout the whole thing, you’re doing it wrong. In one of the steamiest music videos to come out of Nashville in, well, maybe forever, Pope brings her single to life by telling a story of a hot summer romance that came and went with the changes of seasons.

The just over three-minute video plays out like a three-hour movie, adequately walking viewers through a steamy relationship that only comes along once in a lifetime — if you’re lucky. A stunningly fit and bronzed Pope is joined by a gorgeous beach-bodied babe as they experience burning love in Clearwater Beach, Florida, crossing all boundaries to relay the intensity of the romance.

CMT, take note for next year’s award nominations, as this is one of the most well-produced, well-acted, comprehensive music videos in recent history.

Crank up your A/C and grab a cold bottle of water. You’ll need it after watching the smokin’ hot “Summer” music video below.