Cassadee Pope Brings The Heat With Her Sizzling “Summer EP”


There is only one word you can use to describe Cassadee Pope‘s career as of late: HOT. Adding more fuel to the fire today, Pope released a four-pack of new songs as her anticipated Summer EP became available to a loyal and steadfast fan base.

The EP, produced by No. 1 songwriter Corey Crowder, includes tracks “Summer,” “Piano,” “Kisses At Airports,” and “Alien,” and gives Pope the opportunity to keep her fire burning as summer draws near, as each shares pieces of the talented singer-songwriter that have yet to be revealed on previous projects. Most notably is Pope’s innate ability to write a song, choose a song, and deliver a song in ways that make her unquestionably savvy and unique in this industry.

The title track and lead single, “Summer,” provides a sizzling introduction to the short, yet fulfilling, album. Penned by Pope, Kelly Archer, and Emily Shackleton, the nostalgic mid-tempo tune will be burning up radio airwaves with its sexy lyrics and catchy chorus. In fact, if you don’t find yourself playing the song on repeat to learn the lyrics and sing “Sublime on the boombox, woo!” over and over, you are likely in the very small minority.

The cleverly composed “Piano,” written by Pope, Jimmy Robbins, and Laura Veltz, is proof perfect that Pope is much more than a voice. She is a brilliant writer, visionary, and artist who can bring words to life and create a musical masterpiece in her own right. Aside from the slick lyric “you played me like a piano” as a message to someone who you blindly allowed to string you along for far too long, the verses wittily climb the notes of a piano, using Pope’s limitless vocal range as the keys. The “Piano” performance is a stand out from this collection of songs, demonstrating Pope’s ability to tap dance through different octaves and maintain absolute control as she ventures up and down the scales.

“Kisses At Airports” can best be described as the tear-jerker of the EP, painting the vibrant picture of people-watching and seeing the interactions between others that can strike up emotion in outsiders. Whether it is a happy hello, a sad goodbye, or a deployed father meeting his child for the first time, the song, written by Jessi Alexander, Connie Harrington, and Chase McGill, will teach you not to take a single kiss at the airport, or anywhere, for granted. “Kisses At Airports” is the sole song on Summer EP that does not name Pope as a writer, and the inclusion of the track shows her ability to deeply and uncannily connect with outside material as if it was something she personally dreamed, carried into a writing room, and brought to life.

Rounding out the album is “Alien,” a song that Pope wrote with Ross Copperman and Jon Nite, and has wholeheartedly believed in since the moment of its inception. Indicating a strong sense of sensibility and self-worth, Pope has stood by the autobiographical tune, performed it at shows (including the Grand Ole Opry), and is now able to share the reflective and influential piece with the masses. Being her own walking contradiction, Pope uses “Alien” to encourage fans to embrace their conflicting qualities and strive to stand out. With Pope’s fan base broadly ranging in age, gender, and genre preference, capping off Summer EP with a song that speaks to the entire melting pot was a flawless decision that will come back to applaud her as the album makes its rounds.

In only four tracks, Cassadee Pope’s Summer EP completes your workout playlist; becomes part of your road trip memories; holds your favorite song; touches your life; and redefines your world. These are signs of a viable artist who has more than solidified her place in the industry, using Summer EP to ignite the already sizzling flame a little more as she plans her next big move.

Heat up your summer early and download Cassadee Pope’s Summer EP now by clicking here.