Blake Shelton debuts new video for “She’s Got a Way With Words” (watch)

Blake Shelton she's got a way with words

After word hit that Blake Shelton was shooting the video for She’s Got a Way With Words in the building that once housed Miranda Lambert’s Oklahoma Pink Pistol location, I was kind of expecting the video for the song to be a big ol’ FU to his ex, or at least something a little more exciting than what it actually turned out to be.

Featuring Blake playing cards, drinking, and playing guitar, the video is more lazy Saturday in a small town than exciting rumor mill fodder.

Which, you know, is definitely a good thing.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

[youtube id=”iW5Cf64d7KA”]


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    Filmed in old dentists office building – that Blake also owns, not old pink pistol (it’s all on the same street)


    The video was filmed at the building next door to the Pink Pistol. It used to be a dentist’s office.

    1. Everyone realizes that I said in the building that once housed the Pink Pistol, right? I never said it was actually in the Pink Pistol. I wrote a whole post about this just a few weeks ago, which is linked in the story.


    Would love to see him in concert but and meet him but can not afford to go so will just watch him on facebook I guess everyday.

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