Walker Hayes Scores Big with Eight Tracks of Good Shit

Walker Hayes


If you’re a country-music traditionalist, Walker Hayes’ latest effort, 8Tracks (Vol I) Good Shit, isn’t going to be the album for you. But for open-minded fans of modern country music, the new eight-cut album is a slam dunk. Filled with beatboxing, hip-hop-esque hooks and clever punchlines, the R&B infused record is cool and funky, perfect for boozy summer nights.

Hayes puts a fun new twist on the ‘cool guy singing but also kind of talking’ trend that’s taken the country genre by storm over the past couple of years. Witty lyrics and simple production steer the ship, effortlessly finding a permanent spot on your playlist. And while songs like “Dollar Store” and “Shades” are hardly groundbreaking, they’re smooth and fresh, unlike much of what’s blaring through most of our earbuds while we sit our desks.

The hidden gem, though, is “Beer in the Fridge,” a chilling story about addiction and love lost sure to pull at your heartstrings. Don’t let the title fool you; this isn’t your typical ‘my girl just broke up with me, so I’m going to drink all the beer in the fridge’ kind of song. It’s so much more. Clocking in at just over two minutes, Hayes manages to tell the heartbreaking story of newfound sobriety after a breakup brought on by alcohol abuse and the struggles that come along with it, effectively hitting you right in the feels.

No matter your feelings about country artists experimenting musically, everyone can agree that storytelling is what makes the country-music wheel go ’round, and Hayes has some great stories to tell. Good shit, indeed.

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Download the free album – yes, FREE – here. And check out your new favorite song, “Beer in the Fridge,” below.

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