That controversial Blake Shelton song we wrote about in March is officially confirmed

Blake Shelton If I'm Honest

Story updated below

Back in March, someone on my team here at NashvilleGab posted about a song on Blake Shelton’s upcoming new album that seemed possibly to be aimed at Miranda Lambert. People basically lost their ever-loving minds and freaked out and called my team some not very nice names over the story. After pressure from various directions, that team member decided to remove the post rather than deal with all the B.S. (and I’m not talkin’ Blake Shelton here).

The lyrics mentioned that had people up in arms were: “You put the hang in hangover”, “you put the low in blow,” and “you put the F-U in my future.”

My team member thought they deleted the story, but I, being the rebel that I am, decided to save it (you can read the newly-restored story here) because I was pretty sure the story was going to end up being 100% true. And you know what? I was 100% right on the money.

Entertainment Tonight had the chance to listen to all of Blake’s new album, “If I’m Honest,” and guess what song was the very first one they mentioned.

“She Got a Way With Words”
Songwriters: Wyatt Earp, Andy Albert, Marc Beeson

Sample lyrics:
She put the her in hurt
She put the why in try
She put the S.O.B. in sober
She put the hang in hangover
She put the ex in sex
She put the low in blow
She put a big F.U. in my future
Yeah she’s got a way
She’s got a way with words
Yes she’s got a way with words

So to anyone back in March who doubted my team and our sources and decided to freak out over something so silly as rumored lyrics, you can officially suck it.



Update: Okay, I’ve had a few people bring up the fact that Blake didn’t write this song and it could just be a song that he liked and not about Miranda at all. That’s very true. But I stand by my thoughts that despite the fact that Blake didn’t write the song, he did pick the song for some reason. And on an album that he has said numerous times is his most personal to date and basically autobiographical, I think it’s at least fair to say that it’s most likely very possibly about Miranda.

“I mean, it doesn’t take, you know, a rocket scientist. If you have followed my career even a little bit in my life, you know what has happened with me in the last, gosh, eight or nine months,” Shelton tells ET’s Nancy O’Dell. “It is all on the the record.”

And who cares if it is anyway? I mean the pair went through a divorce, the guy’s allowed to express some feelings about his ex-wife, if that’s in fact what he did. More power to him and more power to Miranda if she chooses to write an album expressing her feelings towards him.  I still love them both.


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    Typical it had clever lyrics so I knew he didn’t write it. I thought he wrote this album? Seems someone’s ego is still a little to big.

    1. Shannon

      I think he said he wrote three songs on the album. I honestly don’t think there’s anything wrong with the song or him expressing his feelings in song, especially because none of us fans know what happened in the marriage, I’m just happy that our story from March ended up being right on the money.


    Never doubted y’all. I’m sure it will be a jokey song but kinda sad that his Team sent out for writers to send him kiss off songs about Miranda. Couldn’t do it himself? Fans like the high road. *PS Hope the peeps that made ya take it down are eating crow!

    1. Shannon

      Just between us, I hope they are too.

    1. Shannon

      Entertainment Tonight didn’t mention that lyric so I left it out. They may have decided to leave it off because they didn’t want to write “bitch” or it might be something that we got wrong. Guess we’ll find out on Friday.


    Where did all of the comments go? Blake’s team all over ya again, not our fault he had to ask songwriters to write him a kiss off song!

    1. Shannon

      The comments were all on social media and in email so there were never many here on the site.


    Nothing against you Shannon, I think people are saying how sad he couldn’t even write “his own kiss off song” & it is obviously about Miranda. Whatever they got divorced but At least be classy or interesting, this is neither. He does always say he is about shock value…


    I am proud of you Shannon for writing the truth and not lettingt the bullies get yo you and alter the way you always bring the truth to light in your articles. That is why I always read your articles. I know (a friend in Nashville) that Miranda did cheat on Blake and now she is playing the innocent. It does not surprise me at all. I have heard some damaging stories about Blake’s relationship with Miranda and from what I have heard, Blake was the victim here. It will be interesting to see what kind of music Miranda puts out there on her new album. It will not be an honest album if she plays the broken hearted victim. Maybe she is the broken hearted one also because she got caught cheating. It is a shame the Leann Times was raked over the coals for cheating and Miranda and Jason A. gets a free pass. As mouthy as Miranda is, she would never let Blake file for divorce and she would never keep quiet if Blake were the cheating one. Makes sense..BTW I am not a fan of Blakes since the statements about the old farts, etc… and music.


    Spelling ??? Should have used correct spelling. Sorry.


    Vindication! Good job ladies. I for one cold care less about him. He can sing but his song choices are usually fluff and the production on his new songs are too pop country for me.


    This relationship was doomed by the start. Introvert and extrovert and that show along w/ the time apart. Name a couple that were at the same level at the same time that made it? A Friend of a friend I know says Blake was “busy” himself (listen to a few of her older albums) so maybe it was a both & they grew apart (he is in LA 6mths/yr)His PR team went after her hard in the press and hers did nothing. He filed his last divorce so who knows. Also don’t think she is playing the victim. Divorce is hard no matter what. Blake and his old lady are everywhere & annoying. Anyway, I don’t know or care that is their business but Blake’s music was a lot better when he first started out and wasn’t trying to Mr. Hollywood.

    Ken, a songwriter

    Songwriters write songs.
    Singers sing songs.
    All songs are not necessarily biographical and sometimes they are just ideas that sound cool when they were written/sung.
    For example, Blake probably never killed anyone and was sentenced to “99” as he sings in “Old Red”. But juicy stories sell, don’t they?
    And Blake didn’t write the song, anyway.

    1. Shannon

      He also never said that “Old Red” was autobiographical. He has said on numerous occasions that this is his most personal record ever and reflects what has been going on in the last nine months of his life. The songs he’s picked to reflect the last nine months of his life are obviously going to be talked about and picked apart. If Blake doesn’t want people guessing what he meant by the songs that he picked (whether he wrote them or not) then he should probably stop telling reporters that the record is a reflection of all that has happened to him since his divorce. In the words of Blake himself, it’s not rocket science. And juicy stories do sell, which is probably why Blake’s been making sure that people know that there are songs on this record about Miranda.


    Miranda has been a class act about the divorce by being quiet about it and her personal life. Blake has humiliated her a thousand times in the last year, often by his flirtations on national TV. He got the quicky divorce, threw her, her belongings and her animals off his Oklahoma ranch and publicized his romance with retread Stefani everyday for the last year. He could have shown a little class by keeping his hatred for Miranda to himself. After all she was his wife and hopefully they were in love when they married. What happened to Blake, the country gentleman?

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