Steve Dorian Offers the Perfect Summer Single with “Edge of 18”


As the weather turns warmer and the days turn longer, it’s time to update your summer playlists to provide a soundtrack for your summer. One such song that should make its way onto your playlist is “Edge of 18” by country newcomer Steve Dorian.

While you may not know his name as a solo artist just yet, chances are you’re familiar with the pop a capella group he’s been apart of, ROCKAPELLA. Sound vaguely familiar, but still doesn’t ring a bell? Let me give you a hint: “Where In the World is Carmen SanDiego?”

On the heel of sold out shows, albums with ROCKAPELLA and a gig working for Disney, Steve has relocated to Nashville to try his hand as a solo country artist. If his first single is any indication, we’ll be hearing much more from from the country crooner.

The song immediately paints a picture of an ill-fated Spring Break love, reminiscent of Luke Bryan’s “Roller Coaster” or “Cool Thing” by Rascal Flatts. Despite the tried and true subject, Steve offers a new take on the song and the track is an instant earworm.

While “Edge of 18” may not be ground-breaking in its approach, it shines in its simplicity. In fact, it’s the perfect track to introduce Steve Dorian as a new artist, and we suspect that fans will be “whoa-oh-ing” right along with this one all summer.

Listen to Steve Dorian’s “Edge of 18” here: