Exclusive Interview: Smithfield Makes Its Grand Ole Opry Debut


It only happens once in a lifetime: That moment when an artist(s) takes the Grand Ole Opry stage for the first time, soaks it all in, and realizes that the moment he/she/they always dreamed about is now.

Smithfield experienced this once in a lifetime moment on Saturday night when the duo, made up of Trey Smith and Jennifer Fiedler, took the Opry stage to perform two songs from the coveted circle. Before they stepped foot on to the stage, they shared the anticipatory hours with family, friends, and media.

Needless to say, Trey and Jennifer were extremely excited about the night in front of them, all culminating with a performance on the legendary stage.

Jennifer: Anxious, excited, I mean, every emotion you can imagine.

Trey: Yeah, a lot of emotions. You work hard to get here and so it’s almost like you’re chasing success, chasing all this stuff all the time, and when you get here, it’s like a lot of stuff goes through your mind. But, I think all the times that you kind of doubted and thought “I’m never going to get to do this,” it’s nights like this that kind of fill that out. It’s like it’s coming around.

Jennifer: Yeah, you kind of feel like you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing.

Even though Jennifer grew up in the Texas Oprys and relishes every memory she created over the years, knowing that she was now getting to perform at the GRAND Ole Opry, which Smithfield equated to “the Super Bowl” of Oprys, was an absolute dream come true. The first step in living that dream out and coming to the realization that all the years of hard work and sacrifice are paying off is walking through that backstage artist entrance. Though many of us can say we have entered those glass doors, only the most respected and honored can say they have done so as performers.

Jennifer: We’ve walked through it many, many times before coming to see other people, support friends, but to walk through it knowing we’re playing it. Like, completely overwhelming.

Trey: I told her it’s like we always admired the circle from afar, but we’ve never gotten to step into it.

So, when an artist’s dream is about to come true and it’s time to actually step into that circle, there are a couple of questions that must be asked. The first is, of course, “Who are you most excited to say you’ve shared that stage with?” Trey didn’t bat an eye before saying “Garth Brooks and Keith Urban,” and Jennifer quickly followed suit with “Carrie Underwood and LeAnn Rimes.” The next is how the artist picked the songs for the milestone performance, especially considering only two songs can be chosen for the moment?

Jennifer: We are doing “Good Ol’ Days” and we’re doing “Hey Whiskey.” And “Good Ol’ Days” is our lead off single to our brand new EP that we put out in November. It’s also the song that was featured on CMT for their new artist discovery, and so we felt like that was a great one to kick it off with. And then we’re kind of gonna bring it back to a little more traditional country with our song “Hey Whiskey.” We feel like the Opry audience will really get into it.

Aside from sharing the two songs with the Opry audience, Smithfield hoped to leave a special message for those sitting in the audience, likewise dreaming for a chance to have the Opry debut experience some day.

Trey: We worked really hard and dreams do come true, and you can dream something and go and fight for it and get it.

Jennifer: Yeah, for anyone who dreams of becoming a country music artist, just know never give up. ‘Cause we’ve had really hard times and we’ve had really great times, so just keep going through those bad times, you’re going to get to do some really awesome things.

Before officially taking the Opry stage, Smithfield shared with us that they are going to say a prayer, something they do before they begin any show. Jennifer also likes to warm up with the band . . . and embrace her newly appointed role that was given to her by NashvilleGab: Hype Woman.

Moving forward, Smithfield is eager to bring fans new and “even better music” than what they have heard in the past. The duo also hopes to return to the Opry and continue to see fans out on the road as Trey and Jennifer open for some of their idols.

Jennifer: Sara Evans is in like two weeks from now and I love her, so I am so excited about that!

To hear more from Smithfield, you can download the duo’s fan-funded EP on iTunes. Congratulations to Trey and Jennifer on their Opry debut and thank you for including us in your monumental night! Here’s to many more nights in that legendary venue!

Photo Credit: Grand Ole Opry