You can now sign a petition to try and help save ‘Nashville’

save Nashville

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The unthinkable (to ‘Nashville’ fans, anyway) happened yesterday when ABC announced that they were cancelling ‘Nashville.’ Devastated fans took to social media to lament the news and wonder WTF the network was thinking. Well, if you were one of those crying into your glass of wine while wondering if there was anything you could do to stop the inevitable, turns out there is.

Thanks to America’s Morning Show (I think), there’s now a petition you can sign to try and help save the show.

While a petition may not have an effect on ABC’s decision, it could maybe help get the attention of the streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon who all have a history of resurrecting dead shows. It’s definitely worth a shot if you love you some Rayna, Juliette, and Deacon drama.

Sign the petition to save ‘Nashville’ here.

Update: There is a second petition going around that you can sign here.

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