Songs By Mothers, For Mothers, About Mothers – Happy Mother’s Day!

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It’s Mother’s Day weekend, and there is no better way to celebrate the occasion than by honoring our moms with some of our favorite country songs by them, for them, and about them. Whether it is a legendary male artist singing a story song, a feisty female sharing the stresses of a mother’s every day life, or a daughter honoring her mom, country artists have been singing about the toughest job imaginable for years.

Here are some of our top picks for your Mother’s Day mix this year!

In alphabetical order by artist’s first name:

Carrie Underwood – “Mama’s Song”

Before she was a mom herself, Carrie Underwood was thanking her mother for shaping her into the woman she is today. “Mama’s Song” was also a way for Underwood to reassure her own mom that she would never lose her — even as she was giving her away to the man of her dreams. Now, Underwood is celebrating her second Mother’s Day as a parent to little Isaiah Michael Fisher.

Garth Brooks – “Mom”

In the song that captured the hearts of everybody in America, Garth Brooks shares a conversation between an unborn baby and God as the child gets ready to make an appearance on Earth. Throughout the song, God encourages the baby that a mother’s love is something to look forward to, and, by the end, He prepares to introduce the child to his/her mom.

Jamie O’Neal – “Somebody’s Hero”

Jamie O’Neal hits the nail on the head as she sings of a woman who may not live a glamorous or abundantly exciting lifestyle, but still comes out on top when it comes to one special girl. That’s right, moms. You don’t have to walk red carpets or have your name in lights to be a star — simply kissing boo boos and wiping tears will make you somebody’s hero.

Jo Dee Messina – “A Woman’s Rant”

Being a parent isn’t all about sentimental stuff. That job is hard work! Just ask Jo Dee Messina, who wrote “A Woman’s Rant” after her husband snored through a screaming baby. Leave it to this fiery, funny woman to have a fast-paced vent session about her PMS and PTA; but we assure you — Messina loves her two young and adorable sons more than anything and wouldn’t trade those sleepless nights!

Laura Bell Bundy – “That’s What Angels Do”

In 2014, Laura Bell Bundy released her Mother’s Day video for her song “That’s What Angels Do,” honoring her mom for being her rock during the most trying times in her life. To cap off the sentimental music video, Bundy’s mom made a cameo, angelically hugging her daughter tightly as if she never wanted to let go.

Martina McBride – “Teenage Daughters”

Teenage daughters are what parents fear the most when they hear those three words: “It’s A Girl!” McBride reflects on how impossible her seventeen year old has become, admitting that she is an awful lot like she was at that age. Don’t worry, moms. It’s just a phase. We all go back to wanting mommy eventually.

Reba McEntire – “You’re Gonna Be”

No matter what we do or the chaos we cause, Reba McEntire ensures that a mother’s love is endless in “You’re Gonna Be.” In fact, though life may take us off course and hit us with a left and a right, McEntire’s guarantee that she will love her child unconditionally reminds us that our moms will do the same for us.

Taylor Swift – “The Best Day”

Taylor Swift released “The Best Day” in 2009, complete with home videos of her childhood as an ode to her mom, Andrea. In the song, Swift shares that throughout all stages of her life, her mom made the worst days into the best just by being by her side. Sorry I can’t give you this kind of homemade Mother’s Day gift, Mom. That construction paper card is just going to have to do.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! We wish you the best day!