Miranda Lambert Abruptly Closes the Pink Pistol in Tishomingo, Oklahoma


The Pink Pistol is no more, at least in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Miranda Lambert opened the store in November 2012, and as of today, the store has closed its doors. Lambert will expand her Lindale, Texas location.

“It feels full circle to have everything under one ‘roof’ basically where it all began in my hometown of Lindale. I want to send a heartfelt thank you to all the employees who worked hard to help me bring the store in Tishomingo to life, as well as the patrons who came to experience the Pink Pistol and supported the store. Sometimes you need to close a chapter to build on a new beginning or go back home.” Lambert says in a press release.

According to some Internet rumors, Lambert’s ex-husband, Blake Shelton purchased the building that previously housed the Pink Pistol.

Based on some Internet searching, the store’s employees were only notified today that they’d be losing their jobs.



UPDATE: Blake took to twitter to refute the claims he bought the Pink Pistol:

Update #2: According to this article, Blake did in fact buy the building. According to the article before it was edited (thanks to a little birdie on Twitter for a screencap), Blake bought the store last friday and it was a done deal as of today.


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  1. chablis315@msn.com'

    Miranda helped build up that main street. Now 20+ more businesses are open so the town is grateful, and have said so in numerous statements but now they can stand on their own so makes sense. Why have a Miranda merch store in a Blake town? Maybe NOW Blake can put some of his Voice money in the community like Miranda did for the last few years.

  2. abnoles315@aol.com'
    Charlotte Gaines

    Time for Blake to step up for Tishomingo! Miranda built 3 businesses and an animal shelter. Now Blake can start a business for HIS town, seems about time.

  3. chablis312@aol.com'

    nondocmedia twitter has facts & Blake did but the building last Friday! Not sure why he would say he didn’t? Weird, maybe he wanted her out quick so that is why so sudden?

  4. trishaforeman95@gmail.com'

    Closing with no notice is so not cool

  5. larrri79@msn.com'

    Trisha if ya look at twitter they all got paid and had glowing things to say about Miranda.

  6. Jjschuster@aol.com'

    I don’t think Blake gave one #%*+ about Miranda and how hard she tried to make his god-forsaken home of Tishomingo into something special. She meant nothing to him but maybe a ride home! So glad she’s out of there and has moved on.

  7. mwickedred@aol.com'

    He’s Hollywood now. If he didn’t care about his hometown before why should he now. Just continuing to be a dick

  8. hensa@aol.com'

    Maybe he bought the building so he can open a botox clinic there. In case his lady friend needs a tune up when she comes to visit.

  9. Wraproyalty@yahoo.com'

    Hahahah! That’s a good one!!!!

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