Miranda Lambert Goes From Singing On “The Blade” To Whipping One Out On Stage


Miranda Lambert doesn’t only sing background on Ashley Monroe‘s song “The Blade,” she also whips them out on stage nowadays.

At an Indianapolis show, as part of the Keeper Of The Flame Tour, Lambert was blessed with the stage appearance of a ginormous beach ball. Evidently she isn’t a fan of the inflatable, all-too-often used at concerts prop, and made it very well known to the entire crowd that she intended to end its existence.

Thankfully, Lambert’s best friend, Monroe, recently armed her with a gun necklace that doubles as a knife, and the seven-time Female Vocalist Of The Year was ready to combat the ball. Watch below as Lambert deflates the intrusive beach ball and then goes on to sing her hit song, “The House That Built Me.”



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  1. chabliz542@aol.com'

    I so love Miranda! Seriously she has been doing this for years, when will people learn not to throw beach balls. No one likes to get accidently smacked in the head. Anyway I really liked the sing a long on the House that Built Me.

  2. Jjschuster@aol.com'

    So proud of Miranda moving on from her heartbreak. Too bad she didn’t use that knife a year ago. She is with a good and talented man in Anderson. He treats her the way a man should treat a woman. I think their love is real and I’m glad they aren’t using it for publicity. Miranda, you look so beautiful and happy!

  3. Jjschuster@aol.com'

    Hey Miranda, please add “Crazy” to your play list. I saw you do it with Scotty and it was actually better than Patsy Cline. It will bring your audience to their feet every time. You have a beautiful voice just perfect for this song.

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