Watch Mary Sarah Take “The Voice” Viewers To Church With “My Church”


Showmanship, poise, and passion: That is what Mary Sarah brought to the table tonight on NBC’s The Voice.

Mary Sarah covered Maren Morris‘s debut hit single “My Church” on the Top 9 edition of the show, combining her own love for traditional sounding country music with a modern-day chart dweller. The result was one of her most incredible performances to date.

Watching tonight’s performance, Mary Sarah can aptly be described as a superstar-in-the-making who not only knows herself as an artist, but knows how to own a stage, take any song and tweak it to fit her personal style, and deliver it to a room of music lovers and make them believers. Yes, Mary Sarah has shined on The Voice stage many times before, but tonight, she proved that she would glisten brightly on any stage, no matter how big or small. What she also showed is that if any artist is growing immensely week-by-week as the competition continues, it is her.

Watch Mary Sarah perform Maren Morris’s “My Church” below and cast your votes by using The Voice app, visiting, going to The Voice Facebook page, and downloading her version of the song on iTunes.