Lauren Alaina Opens Up About Overcoming an Eating Disorder


Lauren Alaina recently opened up to Time Magazine about the painful eating disorder she’s been dealing with since finishing second on American Idol in 2011. The singer admits to struggling with bulimia and a bevy of other insecurities about her body and appearance.

“I had bulimia for a few years,” she admits to the magazine. “I was really sick. I don’t know that person, I can’t believe that was me.”

She continues:

I just desperately wanted to be thin,” she said. “That’s all I thought. I was obsessed with it, which it was ridiculous because I had everything going for me. I was following my dream. Everything I wanted at the time, I was getting. But I was obsessed with this other thing that was making me unhappy.”

For Lauren, it was her mom who helped her get through the toughest of times.

My mom made me look in the mirror every day and say three things that I loved about myself,” she said. “At first, I couldn’t name anything. It was so sad. When my mom made me do that, I looked in the mirror and I literally couldn’t name one thing that I loved about myself.”