Joey and Rory Feek’s daughter Indiana is walking … sort of

After Joey passed away, I wondered if Rory Feek would continue with the regular blog posts and updates on Facebook that he had been so wonderful at up until then.  Turns out there was nothing to worry about because Rory has kept the photos and sweet updates rolling in at very regular intervals.

The latest update is a video (above) that shows off daughter Indiana (who is getting soooo big!) and her mean walking skills. Big sister Heidi is there to help and it’s cute as can be.

Speaking of Rory, he has given his first interview since Joey passed away in March. He recently chatted with Billboard about music, the couple’s #1 album Hymns, and what’s next for him. He also explained how his faith has stayed solid through the ups and incredible downs of the last year.

I don’t understand everything. I don’t understand all of the Bible, nor did my wife — but I understand what faith is, and what faith requires. Faith requires faith, and that never really stops. She had a very strong faith, and that never wavered. The same thing with me: Just because things don’t work out the way that you hoped they would, doesn’t mean that God isn’t still in charge. It’s still his plans and not ours, so I don’t feel like my faith has wavered at all.

It’s a great read. You can check out the full interview over on Billboard’s website.





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    Kathleen Fuchs

    I know you very well Shannon, I know the side of you not to many on here get the pleasure of knowing. I don’t think anyone could do this better than you & you were born to do it. I’m very proud of you, the kids and yes even the hubby. Happy Mother’s Day Shannon ?
    I LOVE YOU, Mom

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