Start Your Memorial Day Weekend With This Tribute By Jo Dee Messina


After the first American female soldier was killed in Iraq, Jo Dee Messina knew she had to respond. Using her God-given talents to pay tribute to those fighting for our freedom every day and honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice, Messina put pen to paper, resulting in a breathtaking memorial song.

Heaven Was Needing A Hero” was released on Messina’s Unmistakable Inspiration EP, one part of a three-disc series. Since its 2010 introduction, Messina fans and music fans alike have sought refuge in the lyrics, bidding farewell to the heroes in their lives and realizing Heaven needed them more than Earth at that moment.

Often times we forget that Memorial Day is a day to show gratitude and give thanks to those who gave their lives to protect our country. Today, as you leave work for a three day weekend, take a few minutes to listen to Messina’s words, watch the video she put together, and be reminded of what the holiday is about.

Thank you to our troops who serve every day so we can live in peace. And to those heroes who are now in Heaven, we extend our prayers to your loved ones and endless gratitude for your service.