The Show Must Go On For Jake Owen After Emergency Room Visit


Poor Jake Owen! He’s gone and gotten himself injured again.

You may remember a few years ago when Owen was riding a go-kart and crushed one of his fingers, leading to a partial amputation. Luckily, this particular injury isn’t quite as drastic, but it did cause Owen to take a little trip to the Emergency Room today following a bike accident.

This morning, the “American Country Love Song” singer tweeted to fans that he had been in an accident and was ER-bound.

A few hours later, Owen was stitched up and promising ticket-holding fans that he would, indeed, be taking the Illinois stage.

Oh, and for those who have somewhat strong stomachs, he also provided picture proof of his adventure.

Way to be a trouper, Jake! We hope they gave you top of the line pain meds to get you through the next few days!