Gary Allan and Maren Morris recovering after surgeries

Gary Allan Maren Morris

Gary Allan and Maren Morris are both recovering after recent surgeries.

The pair took to social media yesterday (5/2) to reveal recent (Gary Allan) and impending-at-the-time (Maren Morris) surgery.

First, Gary Allan took to Facebook to reveal that he had recently undergone shoulder surgery, but assured fans he was on the mend. “Had surgery on my arm last week,” he captioned the photo. “But I’m on the mend. See you on the road soon! #CantKeepMeDownTooLong.”

Definitely can’t keep a good man down. It’s not clear what the shoulder surgery was for, but hopefully it’s all fixed now.

Poor Maren Morris. She began tweeting about her surgery prior to it happening, revealing in a flurry of tweets that she was at the hospital and was getting ready to have tonsil surgery. Then she had some Vicodin dreams, made a Game of Thrones throat reference, resolved to get better with a #NowOrNever hashtag, and today tweeted about a real life Cinderella dress, so I think she’s going to be A-OK.

Well wishes and a speedy recovery going out to both artists.