Erica Bryan Special Release: “Come Home To You”


Erica Bryan, known for her haunting songs, “This House Is Haunted” and “Jericho,” is showing a softer side in her latest release in honor of her one-year wedding anniversary. The song, “Come Home To You,” was penned by Erica Bryan and Sarah Williams as a surprise for her husband, Billy.

Bryan told NashvilleGab about her write with Williams.

Last year, I knew I wanted to write a song for my husband, Billy, for our wedding. When I was thinking about what to write, it really wasn’t that hard because all I could think about was how I couldn’t wait to come home to Billy at the end of the day. Because of our busy schedules, sometimes I wouldn’t see him for a few days at a time, and I knew when we were married that I’d be able to come home to him every night! Sarah was the perfect person to write this song with because she had just gotten married and related to my sentiments! We sat down and the words came out pretty effortlessly.

“Come Home To You” begins with an acoustic backdrop and allows a listener’s focus to settle on the sentimental lyrics. The song tells about the progression of a relationship from falling in love and wanting to be with that person in the down times, to becoming newlyweds, to starting a family, to growing old together. Centering on the belief that if all the couple has is love in the home, it is enough to come home to, Bryan captures the hearts of those who can relate, while giving those who have not yet found that special someone hope for such a romance.


At her wedding, Bryan surprised her husband during the first dance with this new song.

Billy and I had choreographed a first dance song, but I planned with my mom and the DJ that we would surprise him by playing the song I wrote first. When we got to the dance floor he said, “Erica, go tell the DJ where he needs to fade out our song” and I said, “Just wait a second!” Then, the music played and his eyes welled up. It was the perfect moment! Everyone at the wedding was listening intently to the words and loved when I got to the line “and soon enough, we’ll be picking up baby stuff.” It was a magical moment for everyone.

For the music video, pictures of couples were collected to serve as the imagery for the song. Bryan explained:

The song certainly has a special place in my heart for me and my husband, but I also wanted my song to go beyond myself. It’s a song everyone can relate to- wanting to come home to the one you love. The pictures I received were so cute and really brought the song to life. I love seeing the couples in their everyday lives just having a great time together.

Watch Erica Bryan’s video for “Come Home To You”:

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