Dierks Bentley is Back with New Single “Different For Girls”


On the eve of the release of his album Black, Dierks Bentley has released “Different For Girls,” featuring Elle King. While it’s the follow up single to his #1 hit “Somewhere On A Beach,” the two songs couldn’t be more sonically different. “Different” is a moody breakup tale describing the double standards for guys and girls during a split. Ah, Dierks, this is the you we’ve come to known and love.

The track was written by J.T Harding and Shane McAnally. Of the song, Dierks says:

‘Different For Girls’ definitely has a little bit of a different theme to it. Just looking at the world from a different perspective, a more mature perspective. I just think that there [are] some double standards that exist, and the song kind of draws attention to that. And at the same time, it recognizes that guys and girls do handle break-ups and heartaches a little bit differently.

The song premiered exclusively on iHeartRadio today and Black will be available for purchase tomorrow. Dear Dierks, more of this and less songs about beaches please.