Country artists streaming on Netflix: Clint Black in ‘Flicka: Country Pride’

Clint Black Flicka 2
Clint Black with Flicka co-star at Flicka 2 premiere in Nashville (April 2010). Photo credit: Elizabeth Bradbury

Need a movie to stream this weekend that has a bit of a country flare? Then Gab has you covered. I was just perusing Netflix when I came across Clint Black’s family-friendly film ‘Flicka: Country Pride.’ Not sure how long it’s been streaming, but thought I’d pass the info along to you.

If you’re a Netflix customer, you can watch the movie here. 

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    Please save Nashville!!!! The music and story lines are great and current ! I have become a big Country music fan because of it. ABC SHOULD RECONSIDER!!!!!! LONG LIVE NASHVILLE

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