Exclusive Interview: Brett Eldredge Gets Beachbody Ready For Summer


The last time we spoke with Brett Eldredge, the Warner Music Nashville No. 1 artist was on the brink of releasing his sophomore album, Illinois. Since that day, Eldredge has experienced his first No. 1 album, a couple more No. 1 singles, and a whirlwind of support and excitement leading into a summer he’ll never forget.

Eldredge shared how the level of fun has changed from the time he was preparing to release Illinois to the aftermath of the chart-topping offering’s introduction.

I was having fun then. Now I’m having a lot of fun! [The album] has completely changed everything for me. I’m sure it was a nerve-racking point at that point because you never know what you’re going to do with your second album. We put it out and I was like crossing my fingers, and it debuted at No. 1 and did big things coming right out the gate. I was just so relieved and now having already two  No. 1’s off the album and getting ready to release my third song from the album [“Wanna Be That Song”]. It’s just rolling nicely. I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m having a lot of fun. I’m just riding the wave.

The No. 1 successes of two singles off the album don’t just equate to professional accomplishments; they also mean some wild adventure is in his near future. To celebrate “Drunk On Your Love,” Eldredge has perhaps found something he will struggle to top when his future singles all follow suit and likewise rise.

I was snorkeling in this cave in the Bahamas and I saw that you can swim under this rock formation to get inside this cave under the water, and it has amazing acoustics. I said “One day I’m gonna play a show here inside the cave.” It’s only a small cave. So I’m gonna do, for number one, I’m gonna swim and figure out how to get my music, my guitar, and everything, and I’m gonna perform a tiny concert inside that cave. I want to be the first one that ever did that. I am setting up the details as we speak.

Making records that appeal to radio and fans and soar up the charts can lead to a rather hectic lifestyle, but Eldredge has found that striking a balance is key to remaining in the best shape possible. This is one of the reasons he has teamed up with Beachbody on the 22 Minute Hard Corps workout program. Combining his passions for music and fitness has been a key component for Eldredge to maintain his sanity.

Keeping your sanity and doing things that you’re very passionate about and resting when you can, and staying focused and also remind yourself that . . . this is what I always wanted to do. This is what people dream about, chase down their whole lives. I’m very lucky and very fortunate to be able to do this, and I love it. So, to keep my sanity and everything, I try to get in fitness, I try to workout, I try to get enough sleep, I try to eat well, and I think that makes everything work so much better and it makes me be able to handle it all so much better.

The Beachbody program has become essential in ensuring that Eldredge never misses a workout, even with a schedule jam-packed with performances, press, and other commitments.

They have programs, especially the “22 Minute Hard Corps,” I mean it’s twenty-two minutes, and that sounds simple on paper, but you get a good workout, and it’s a hard workout. And you can do it! They make it where everybody is able to do it. And for twenty-two minutes, you are nonstop, and everybody, I don’t care who you are. If you’re the President, you have twenty-two minutes to workout. You’ve got to! And so, the fact that it is an intense workout for twenty-two minutes and then you’re done, and you feel like you’ve accomplished something amazing right there — that’s what I love about these workouts. And that’s really all you need if you really hit it hard and eat right. . . . You’re working every muscle and you get sore. You can feel that your whole body is being worked, and that’s what I love. I love the fact that . . . you can feel it in every muscle group.

Don’t worry fans! As Eldredge sees progress, he will be bringing it to you live via Snapchat. If you are following him there (username: brett_eldredge), you might have already seen a snap or two to show off his increased endurance and happiness with the program. That increased endurance will come in especially handy this summer when Eldredge heads out on the RIPCORD Tour with Keith Urban and Maren Morris.

Though the vibe of the group is “laid back,” going city-to-city and spending time on stage each night can be rather grueling. Luckily for Eldredge, he feels as though there is a relaxed atmosphere, despite the hectic lifestyle a tour brings.

Keith inspires you to just want to be the person that he is. He’s a very caring person, he cares about the people that surround him, and he wants to help everybody, and then he gets up on stage and completely just blows people’s minds. He’s a one-of-a-kind performer, and I think that is something to admire and learn from. So, I think it’s important, being schooled once again, from the master that is Keith Urban.

From Eldredge specifically, fans can expect strong vocals, incredible energy, and the desire to see another Brett Eldredge show as soon as possible.

“When can I go see him on stage again?” That’s the kind of show I want to do. Something that gives the flavor of that, you know, you can’t go get it at any club, or any bar, or any arena, or wherever you go. I want to give my own show, put on my own show.

You can catch Brett Eldredge out on the road with Keith Urban all summer. Tour dates can be found on Urban’s official website by clicking here.

Get more information about “Beachbody 22 Hard Corps” by visiting the program’s official website.





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