This is probably the cutest picture of Brantley Gilbert you’ll ever see

Brantley Gilbert and baby deer

With his tattoos and chains and badassitude, cute probably isn’t a word most people would use to describe Brantley Gilbert. But damned if this new picture the singer posted on Facebook isn’t just about the cutest thing ever.

Brantley posted the picture above of him and a sweet fawn yesterday with the caption: Best time of year to be a deer farmer!

I am definitely in the wrong business.

Brantley had mentioned during interviews a year or two ago that he was planning on launching a new career as a deer farmer so that he could raise some big bucks (as in deer, not money).

“I wouldn’t wanna be a major player in it,” Brantley said of his deer-raising aspirations, “but I found a place that’s, like, 275 acres, which is manageable. But, it’s already high-fenced and stuff. We’re gonna raise some big bucks and breed ‘em and that sorta thing. Pretty excited about that.”

Looks like the big buck business is really paying off. Too dang cute.