Bobby Bones Spent $13K to Get People to Like Him


Over the past few years, Bobby Bones has become one of Nashville’s most polarizing figures. Now, he’s coming clean about spending $13,000 to get people to like him.

Back in 2013, Bones moved to Nashville and became the host of iHeartMedia’s Nashville morning show. At the time, he wasn’t very well-liked and his ratings were in the toilet. So, he spent $13K of his own money to get Nashville to feel sorry for him. He writes in his book, Bares Bones, “My attitude wasn’t winning me any friends — or listeners. I needed to get people to like me, or at least feel sorry for me,” he writes. “I launched a massive negative PR campaign against myself to garner sympathy.”

To gain said sympathy, he purchased billboards around Nashville with the message: “GO AWAY BOBBY BONES.”


In a weird way, his stunt work and he nabbed a ton of attention that parlayed into a huge radio show, hosting gigs and even his satirical musical act, The Raging Idiots.