Listen to Blake Shelton’s “She’s Got a Way with Words”…and Draw Your Own Conclusions


If I’m being honest, it sounds like Blake Shelton doesn’t have the warmest, fuzziest feelings towards a certain ‘she.’ And let’s be real, most people who get divorced don’t feel all that fond of their exes, but as to not step on any toes, we’ll refrain from saying that this song, which Shelton didn’t write, is clearly about someone whose name rhymes with Earpanda Hamdirt.

Shelton premiered the song from his new record, If I’m Honest, on his iHeart special this evening, and well, apply the lyrics to whoever you’d like.

Listen to “She’s Got a Way with Words” here…and draw your own conclusions.



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    So glad he’s putting something out there to show he was the one wronged here. Always so clear how much he loved her. So many nice things he said and she was always putting him down. Felt so bad when people were acting like he was the reason it ended. This made me laugh out loud. Go boi!


    love it!


    If blake wants unconditional love, no matter what he does or how he behaves, he should get another dog..or go live with Mommy.
    This song is so low class, and about a beloved fellow country artist, it is disgusting.


    Nobody knows who the ‘wronged’ party was here, but trashing an ex, who is also a public figure, is disgraceful…
    The word ‘honest’ in that album title is a joke.
    Before we discredit others, we should always look in the mirror..


    It did what Warner Brothers/Blake wanted- caused people to listen and try to make Miranda look bad. Would have been nice if they said that Blake had that song on hold for almost 2 years (before the divorce) and now Blair Garner is trying to spin that Blake is Wyatt Earp (No he isn’t). Windmillsmusic on twitter even posted an interview w/ the REAL writer of the song Wyatt Earp. Sorry Blake only co-write 3 of 15 songs for the most personal record of my life (by the way he has said that with the last 2 records)


    He had the song way before the divorce. I’m sure Miranda has heard it many times. Nothing crazy here, move along. We all know they both did. Media is driving this controversy


    Could care less about this so over it. PLEASE post about the real war brewing in Nashville Little Big Town and The Band Perry. It seems both are working w/ Pharrell. Kimberly Perry threw shade on twitter today. Nashvillegab go and get the details, I know you can. 🙂

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