Zac Brown caught up in hotel drug bust

Uh oh. Looks like Zac Brown might want to invite a better class of strippers to his next party after two women were busted with cocaine at a hotel party the singer was at last week.

According to TMZ, Brown and a group of people were partying in a Four Seasons hotel room in Palm Beach, Florida in the wee hours of the morning last Friday when the police got called to check out a suspicious vehicle in front of the hotel. Police showed up and arrested a man in the car for possession of cocaine which, according to the police report, was packaged in “35 small zip lock baggies.” Due to the amount of drugs and the way it was packaged, police charged him with intent to sell. That man told the police that he had come to the hotel with two women so the police went into the hotel to track down the wayward damsels. They ended up finding them in the room that Zac and the other people were partying in.  One man was arrested for pot while the two women were busted for cocaine.

One of the women, a (Chanel) Martinez-Lugo, told police that she was given the cocaine by someone at her place of work, which just happens to be a strip club.

Strippers, cocaine, and pot … oh my!

Turns out Zac was questioned by police but was only found in possession of prescription pills. Police have requested that the singer provide proof that the pills were prescribed to him by a doctor. There’s no word on how long he has to cough up the prescription info.

One weird fact about the case, TMZ says that when they repeatedly called police for info on the bust, they made it seem that Zac wasn’t there at all and told the site that the singer wasn’t mentioned in the police report. Radar, however, has obtained a copy of the report and Zac is in fact mentioned in it.

Brown’s publicist’s only comment to TMZ about the situation was, “Didn’t get [from Zac or the team] anything to add.”