Exclusive Premiere: Two Story Road “Light Of the Moon” Lyric Video


Two Story Road continues to tell their story through music, releasing bits and pieces of themselves to fans regularly. Today, the beautiful “Light Of the Moon” lyric video, directed by the talented Polly Burokas, is being shared by the duo.

“Light Of the Moon” (Brandon Fraley, Jamelle FraleyJason Matthews, and Cassidy Lynn Alexander) comes appropriately as the weather starts to warm (ever-so-slightly), preparing listeners for the time of year when they can stay outdoors, breathe in some fresh air, and allow the natural glow of the moonlight to intoxicate us. In a nature-themed lyric video, Two Story Road and Burokas take us to that place where we can kick back, relax, listen to the howl of the wind and the wolf, and simply let go.

In discussing the lyric video for the song that has long been a set list staple for Two Story Road, Brandon and Jamelle Fraley shared:

The lyric video for “Light Of The Moon” is definitely one of our favorites. We think Polly Burokas, who made all of our lyric videos, really knocked this one out of the park! The song is about those parties with friends that continue into the late night hours. This video brings to life the lyrics we had fun writing.

Watch the cleverly crafted lyric video and listen to the upbeat, optimistic tune here:





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