No, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill won’t be getting a small human for their anniversary

China is the traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, however, if you believe the always far-reaching tabloids, are going a little bigger for their 20th anniversary and are instead getting each other a brand new tiny human being to celebrate their love.

Yupparoo, the couple who have everything, including three biologic daughters, are totally adopting a son for their 20th anniversary because Tim feels outnumbered by girls and needs a little testosterone in his family life, at least according to the National Enquirer.

“Tim’s always felt outnumbered… between Faith and the girls, and Tim’s mom, who has a house on their estate, he’s always surrounded by women. It’s the perfect time. They have plenty of money and just as much love.”

The National Enquirer usually pegs these two as divorcing so I’m not sure when they changed tactics and decided they were expanding their family rather than breaking it up. In any case, the story, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, is most likely false. Gossip Cop asked the couple’s rep who confirmed the story is “totally untrue.”

Well nothing will ever be as fun as getting to unwrap a shiny new human baby, but at least Tim and Faith have a few months to figure out the perfect alternative anniversary gift. The pair will celebrate their 20th anniversary on October 6.


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    Carolyn Padula

    We have three grown daughters and 3 granddaughters so we don’t need any boys now~~~Not starting over again. BLESSED WITH WHAT WE HAVE.

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