Radio station taken over for hours by hackers, broadcasts furry sex talk


Well now this is pleasant.

A Texas radio station is dealing with a rather strange situation right now after hackers broke into their system last week and broadcast approximately an hour and a half of a podcast which talks about furries and … ahem … furry sex.

Ooh la la.

Furries, in case you’re not familiar with the term, refers to people who like to dress up as big, furry animals and do all the things big, furry animals like to do. I’ll let your imagination run wild with that description. And, as with most alternative lifestyles these days (hey, to each their own), there’s a pretty thriving community online which includes websites, podcasts, YouTube channels, etc. dedicated to all things furry.

Usually furries aren’t too mainstream, but last week that all changed for listeners of one Texas radio station when KXAX had their broadcast hijacked and a furry-friendly podcast from Furcast was played in place of the usual country music. The podcast  included segments from (or on? I’m not really sure) Sausage Ambush, LubeTube and Diddler on the Roof.

Again, I’ll let your imagination run wild with those names.

Furcast released a statement saying that they had absolutely nothing to do with the hacking and are “deeply sorry to hear about this inappropriate incident.”

KXAX addressed the incident on their Facebook page and, in response to one Facebook commenter, said that things weren’t nearly as bad as the media’s made it out to be.

furry hack comment

According to reports, another radio station was targeted on the same day in Colorado.

In any case, the FCC is now investigating and the culprits will likely soon find themselves in jail or on a movie or T.V. screen near you when the movie documenting all their goofy adventures and hijinks hits theaters or Netflix sometime in the near future.

I’m kidding about the documentary bit … sort of.