Steven Tyler Makes Sure a Special Fan Doesn’t Miss a Thing

Photo credit: Diane Yorfido
Photo credit: Diane Yorfido

Big Machine Label Group artist Steven Tyler has been out performing solo shows, promoting his new country music across North America. While watchful eyes are keeping close tabs on Tyler’s country career, it was what he did behind-the-scenes at a recent Niagara Falls stop that has people talking.

Tyler fan, Anthony Yorfido of Welland, Ontario, Canada, is a twenty-three year-old with Down’s Syndrome. While on a routine visit to a medical supply store with his mother, Diane, last week, Yorfido saw a limo pull up. Yorfido knew Tyler would be in town because he had wanted to see his show, but was unable to get a ticket, so he had no doubt that the man with the ponytail who emerged from the limo was the iconic artist.

“I saw a big, big … limo,” Yorfido told CTV News. “When I walked in, I saw the ponytail and I said, ‘Oh my god, that’s Steven Tyler.’ I went crazy. I just (stood) there for a second and I said, ‘Steven Tyler?’ He turned around, came to see me and gave me a big hug.”

Yorfido then let Tyler know he wanted to be at his show and he was upset about not getting a ticket. Tyler, without skipping a beat, let the young man know he would “make it happen.”

Tyler didn’t stop with a show ticket for his new friend. He also hooked him up with backstage passes and brought him on stage to play maracas for the Aerosmith song “Sweet Emotion.” “The crowd went nuts … the people went crazy for me,” said Yorfido.

Watch Anthony Yorfido on stage with Steven Tyler: