Exclusive Premiere: Sister C’s Blue Room Session – “Take Me Home”


Sister C has won critics over with flawless harmonies, honest lyrics, and a vibe of originality and authenticity that is hard to come by. Proving to be masters at the craft of performing songs acoustically and filling the void of a full band with their trio of gorgeous vocals, Sister C has used its “Blue Room Sessions” to make a mark on the industry.

Continuing with the Manchaca sisters’ brilliant sessions, the girls are now premiering “Take Me Home,” a song in which the girls ask a significant other to take them to the place he calls home and give them a glimpse at the past that formed the man that presently has their hearts. With each sibling playing a unique role in the delivery of “Take Me Home,” Sister C, once again, raises the bar, exceeds its limits, and tells fans there is no vocal mountain they can’t climb as a united front.

Watch Cirby, Carli, and Celbi perform “Take Me Home” below and let them know what you think of their newest Blue Room Sessions video by leaving them a comment on Twitter or Facebook.