Mary Sarah Walks The Line To No. 1 On iTunes


Every contestant on a singing competition show waits for that moment that can be defined as his/her “breakout moment.” Last night, in front of millions of at-home viewers, a packed in-studio audience, and a panel of prestigious coaches, The Voice country artist, Mary Sarah, had hers.

Singing the country pop song from the late 2000s, “Johnny and June” by Heidi Newfield (Trick Pony), Mary Sarah showed the world that she is more than an old soul in a twenty-year-old’s body. She proved that she is capable of dabbling in the traditional tunes, slaying the mainstream hits, and soaring to Number 1 on iTunes with a song that embodies both tradition and current.

Using her upper register for a great portion of the performance, the girl who is capturing the hearts of America every week with her talent, beauty, and genuine sweetness laid it all on the line as she set herself up to walk it — straight to the top of the country iTunes chart. Now, Mary Sarah holds her first ever chart-topping song and The Voice Top 10 is within reach. Watch Mary Sarah’s performance of “Johnny and June” below, and download a copy of the song from iTunes this morning to make sure your vote counts!

Congratulations, Mary Sarah!