Luke Bryan’s Christian heart is sad when his Twitter followers attack

Luke Bryan thumbs

Being on the receiving end of a gang attack by rabid Twitter users can be a virtual hell on Earth where the only escape is unplugging from your electronics, drinking a stiff cocktail, and maybe binge watching some Netflix. Curling up in the fetal position isn’t necessary but it certainly does help. Being a country blogger, most of the social media melees I’ve been involved in have been with fans who were angry about something I’d said about their favorite singer or band and I’ve always been a little curious what the stars thought about their Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/etc. followers going on the attack. Turns out at least one country boy sympathizes … at least a little bit.

Before the ACM Awards earlier this month, Luke Bryan chatted with AdWeek about once again co-hosting the ACMs, where he gets his news each day, his app, and how he feels when his Twitter followers go on the attack.

When you have somebody badmouth you on your Twitter page, calling you this and that, you learn to get a little immune to it, but sometimes you’ve had enough and you’ll pop off at them. Next thing you know, all my fans are absolutely crushing them, and I feel bad that I should have just let it be. It’s funny, I guess it’s my Christian heart, but I do sympathize for the people after my 6-and-a-half-million followers unleash an attack on them. It’s one thing if you don’t like a particular song. I can deal with that. But when you start attacking personal stuff, you’re just not a good person.

I guess that means if you’re a jerk on Luke’s social media pages, you’re on your own when his Twitter feed turns into the Thunderdome.