Lindsay Ell Gets a Promposal At the Grand Ole Opry


Guitar prodigy and BBRMG artist Lindsay Ell performed at the Grand Ole Opry over the weekend as a part of the Opry 9.0 show. While on the stage standing in the coveted circle, Ell received quite a surprise.

Foster, a high school student who was in Nashville for the DECA National conference, approached the stage with a flower in hand and caught the attention of the always kind and gracious artist. Ell walked to the front of the stage, knelt down, and was officially “promposed” to by the nervous teen.

A true lady, Ell made sure the two were formally introduced and assured Foster that he could share the information about the May 6 event with her team. Watch the video of the “promposal” below and prepare to fall a little more in love with the endearing Lindsay Ell.

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