Heartbreaking Kid Rock 911 recording released (listen)

Kick Rock

This is so heartbreaking.

After finding his 30-year-old personal assistant, Michael Sacha, dead from an apparent ATV accident on Monday morning, Kid Rock (real name Robert Ritchie) made a frantic call to 911 in an attempt to get an ambulance out to his Nashville home. That call has now been made public.

“I need an ambulance,” Ritchie, understandably shaken up and frantic, tells the dispatcher. “I think my assistant looks to be dead from a Polaris accident…There’s a body lying next to it.”

After several frustrating minutes of trying to convey and receive information through a bad phone connection and high emotions, an unidentified woman takes the phone from the singer and continues to talk to the dispatcher. It’s hard to listen to and sad to think what everyone was going through.

Sacha was found on Monday next to a wrecked ATV on Ritchie’s property. He had been driving guests to meet an Uber late Sunday evening after a cookout. The singer said in a statement on his website that he was supposed to be back in Michigan today, but had decided to stay with his friend until he could bring him home to his family.

You can listen to the 911 recording below (or here if that doesn’t work) but be warned that there is some harsh language.