Why Josh Gracin Won’t Make an Appearance on the “American Idol” Finale


While most of country music’s favorite former American Idol contestants will appear on tomorrow’ series finale, one country singer will be noticeably missing.

This afternoon, season two’s fourth place finisher Josh Gracin took to his Facebook page to explain his absence from the show’s finale.

Gracin writes:

I understand that some people are upset that I will not be attending the American Idol finale and some going as far as to question my character. Since leaving Idol I have shown appreciation and gratitude in every interview I have done over the last 11 years. During my first album release the amazing team that once made up Lyric Street Records fought hard to get my music on the radio and to the fans. Country radio went out of their way to support a Northern Boys love for country music by giving me 3 top fives, 1 top ten and a number 1 single. The fans bought records, bought tickets and have made it possible for me to continue doing what I love the last 11 years. During the success given to me by the fans and country radio, Lyric Street reached out to Idol several times over the years to have me back on the show and were declined every time. Ive waited 11 years to return to Idol, beyond excited when I was told they asked me back for the finale, wanting to celebrate the success of “Idols” post their appearances on the show. My team inquired about the details of my appearance and what was needed of me, before we could commit and ultimately move things around, that have already been rescheduled once, due to a death in my family. Idol responded with tentative schedule of events and the amount I was to be compensated for my appearance but left out what we specifically asked for regarding the song choices and lyrics. After requesting song choices and lyrics a few more times and receiving nothing I felt it was in the best interest of myself, my team and the direction we were moving musically/career wise to decline. I wanted nothing more than to finally be part of the show that made it possible for me to begin doing what I love, but I couldn’t move obligations once again, for something unknown. When we politely declined all we received back was an “OK”. I hope this helps put things in perspective for some of you, I do realize however, that some of you will also choose to look at this negatively regardless of how I may have come to my decision. God Bless.

While Gracin will not be in attendance, Carrie Underwood, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Bucky Covington and more country faves will be present.