Jo Dee Messina Made It Through the Rain In This Rare Cover


In 2000, Jo Dee Messina (with the assistance of Tim McGraw) invited the rain in her Number 1, GRAMMY-nominated single “Bring On the Rain.” Many years later, Messina celebrated making it through the storm she welcomed with open arms when she covered one of her favorite Barry Manilow songs, “Made It Through the Rain.”

True to the artist and woman Messina has proven to be over the years, the Manilow tune celebrates remaining firm in your beliefs and taking a stand. The song teaches a lesson of rising above adversity, finding the silver lining, and being able to hold your head up as you wait for the clouds to roll by.

If anybody can preach the importance of self-sufficiency, confidence, and a hard fought battle, it is Messina who has taken her career into her own hands, released her most recent music independently, and has worked tirelessly to bring her hits and humor to cities across the United States. While we cannot wait to hear what is coming next from Messina, who is currently working on a new EP (Masquerade), this throwback to a rare performance is enough to get us through the day … and the rain.

Photo credit: Sandel’ Cash