Home Free Releases Video Covering Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places”


Since winning NBC’s “The Sing-Off,” the guys of Home Free have gained over 69 million YouTube views and a legion of passionate fans. The talented vocal quintet shows why on their most recent video, covering the Garth Brooks’ classic “Friends in Low Places.”

There are few songs as beloved as the classic Garth tune, and we love the five-man band from Minnesota’s cover.


Watch Home Free cover “Friends in Low Places” here!

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  1. aseyfried@gmail.com'

    And even better,live! EXAMPLE-YouTube: “Home Free Seven Bridges Road Oct 27” (w/headphones>>Bass)!

  2. aseyfried@gmail.com'

    Not just anyone can tackle this song & do it justice, but these very talented (& good-looking)
    guys did!…Love their version, now stuck in my head!!

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