Garth Brooks Calls Out Wayne Gretzky

Garth Brooks World Tour Opening Night - Rosemont, IL

Suit up, Wayne Gretzky! The rodeo man is coming for you!

We recently reported that Garth Brooks and Mike Fisher (Nashville Predators and Mr. Carrie Underwood) performed a backstage duet together. This left Underwood wondering where she went wrong that her husband sang with one of country music’s most iconic artists before she did.

Now, Brooks is coming to the defense of Underwood, agreeing that she should be able to retaliate against Fisher for scoring a date with a hero in her field first.

That was a good little jab at Carrie and I loved her response about Gretzky. So, I think the plan is we gotta get Gretzky now to get Carrie in full gear and get her out skating. I think that’s it. So Wayne, I’m calling you out!

We second Brooks’ call-out, Mr. Gretzky! Let’s see you get Underwood padded up for a little time on the ice.

Oh, and Brooks also shared that the new duo of him and Fisher is not quite ready for retirement just yet.

I have a date with Carrie’s husband first, actually in Nashville to complete the duet. This is gonna be good!

We’ll see you there, and we can’t wait!