Danielle Bradbery Proves She Has “Potential”


Danielle Bradbery performed at a songwriters round in Nashville, Tennessee last night, and during the event she introduced a brand new song she dubbed as one that she is incredibly excited about. “Potential,” co-written by Bradbery, Emily Weisband, and Johan Lindbrandt, doesn’t just show that the Big Machine artist has potential; it shows that she is one of the most promising, underrated artists in this industry.

The powerful ballad that demonstrates Bradbery’s range from top to bottom time stamps the moment when somebody realizes the person he or she is with is not the right person for them. As Bradbery crooned about recognizing that she isn’t in love with the person, but in love with his potential, she filled the room with talent, emotion, and wonderment.

Watch the video of Danielle Bradbery’s performance below and prepare to be slayed by a voice like no other.