Betcha Didn’t Know … Part II!


Two years ago, I wrote my first “Betcha Didn’t Know” article and it has always remained one of my favorite pieces to date. What better time for a Part Deux than now?!

With the emergence of new artists, the re-emergence of others, and fans missing some of their favorites being in the spotlight, the NashvilleGab team gathered a few fun (and one pretty scary) facts about some of our favorite artists and/or their music. Feel free to whip these out at trivia night and stump your friends, all the while impressing them with your plethora of genre-related knowledge.

(In alphabetical order by artist’s first name)

Faith Hill’s life was saved because she didn’t get a singing gig with Reba McEntire.

Before Faith Hill and Reba McEntire were singing together on McEntire’s Duets album, Hill was in the rejection pile to collaborate with Red. Once upon a time, Hill was packing merchandise for McEntire, but that was because she auditioned for and did not get the part of touring background vocalist for the Queen of Country Music. In a horrifically sad twist of fate, McEntire lost her entire band in a plane crash — one that Hill would have been involved in had she not been sent [merchandise] packing after her audition. Today, McEntire still remembers and honors her fallen band on the anniversary of the tragic accident.

Jo Dee Messina’s attitude-filled song “My Give a Damn’s Busted” was originally recorded by Joe Diffie.

Before Jo Dee Messina was topping charts with the song that turned heads, raised eyebrows, and solidified her rule-bending abilities, Joe Diffie recorded and cut “My Give a Damn’s Busted.” In 2001, Diffie released the song he wrote with Tom Shapiro and Tony Martin on his In Another World album, but it was the 2005 version, delivered by an empowered female, that made the song a huge hit in country music. It appears the team of Joe Joe Joe Diffie and Jo Jo Jo Dee is a successful one, indeed.

Kelly Clarkson’s “Second Wind” was written and recorded by Maren Morris.

Sony Music Nashville‘s rising star Maren Morris has been writing songs for years under a publishing deal with Big Yellow Dog Music. In fact, she received one of her first cuts on Kelly Clarkson’s Piece By Piece album, “Second Wind,” after recording the song herself and later removing the audio from the Internet. Now, with the release of her debut full-length album on June 3, the world is going to hear Morris’s version of the inspiring song that reminds us all to stand back up after being knocked down. Thank goodness Morris’s “Second Wind” is getting its second wind because fans will love the songwriter’s delivery of this track.

Lee Brice wrote and recorded the Garth Brooks song “More Than a Memory.”

Sigh. There are few singers out there who can break your heart in one note. Lee Brice is one of them, as he emits more emotion than most with every word he utters. This statement is especially true when he sings “More Than a Memory,” a song he wrote (with Billy Montana and Kyle Jacobs), recorded, released, and handed over to THE Garth Brooks to release as a single in 2007. This live performance of the track is a must-see, considering it will be ingrained in your heart and become much more than a memory to you.

Hillary Scott’s mom, Linda Davis, is the other woman in Reba McEntire’s “Does He Love You?”

Before Linda Davis was joining her daughter, Hillary Scott, and releasing a new faith-based album as “Hillary Scott & the Scott Family,” she was working hand-in-hand with (or fighting tooth and nail with) Reba McEntire on one of the best adultery songs in the history of music, “Does He Love You?” That’s right; Lady Antebellum’s female vocalist’s mother was the other woman in the song that almost actually made you feel bad for a mistress … almost. Regardless, Linda Davis, we loved you then and we love you now.

Fantasia’s country soul song “Ugly” was originally on hold by Little Big Town.

Before the American Idol season 3 winner, Fantasia, released her new song “Ugly” (written by Nashville greats Nicolle Galyon and Audrae Mae), the reigning Group of the Year had the track on hold. As NashvilleGab’s Nicole Piering previously reported, Little Big Town had the song as a potential track for its Pain Killer album, but it found its way to the cutting room floor, rather than on the record. Luckily, Fantasia picked it up, dusted it off, and turned “Ugly” into something incredibly pretty.

Give these fun facts a try at your next gathering and let us know how cool your friends think you are!