Chris Stapleton Makes $57,000 Donation To His High School


Chris Stapleton walked away from the Academy of Country Music Awards (“ACM Awards“) with six trophies last night, tying an all-time record. However, what has people talking today isn’t the hardware he took home, but, rather, it is the hardware he gave away.

Growing up in Staffordsville, Kentucky, Stapleton wasn’t offered many music classes, citing a financial issue that kept his school, Johnson Central High School, from buying instruments. With music not being a viable option for Stapleton, he switched his academic path to mathematics and gained acceptance to Vanderbilt University for engineering.

However, Stapleton’s heart was always in music.

Now, with countless successes under his belt, the Kentucky boy is making sure no aspiring artist from his hometown is forced off his/her path. Prior to attending the ACM Awards in Las Vegas, Stapleton stopped at his high school and donated $57,000 in musical instruments, in connection with RAM Trucks and ACM Lifting Lives.

Stapleton shared with People:

It’s important to me to help kids who want to be creative, be that music or any form of expression. It’s important to me to support kids. When I saw the faces of the kids with the instruments you could tell how much they genuinely appreciated it, but they were also in shock. I think they were not expecting me to walk in.

During his visit to deliver the surprise instruments, Stapleton also performed two free concerts and unveiled a brand new outdoor theater at the high school.

To be here in the hometown, getting to help the school out and the kids out and the community out, that was the most obvious thing for me to do.

Watch the video of Chris Stapleton’s visit to his alma mater by clicking here.