Chely Wright invites fans to spend the night at her place

Chely Wright home

Story updated below…

Heading to Nashville sometime soon and need a unique place to stay? Then Chely Wright has the perfect answer for you … her place.

The singer has put her Nashville home (a rental – see below) up on Airbnb to rent out by the night to those who want something a little more personal than the normal hotel/motel options Music City has to offer.

According to the listing’s description, the “house was built in 1905 and sits smack in the middle of the historic district of East Nashville. From the outside, it looks like a cozy little cottage, but walk in and the house is spacious and open.”

It is definitely a beautiful house. The price of renting it is a bit pricier than many hotels at $285 a night, but how cool would it be to be able to say you stayed the night at a famous person’s house?

Check out the full listing here. 

Bungalow Bliss- HEART of East Side!

Nashville, TN, United States

PERFECT location! Easy stroll to Fatherland District and Five Points! House has just been renovated, so it’s modern comfort with the enduring charm of an historic structure. Serene comfort in the u…

Photos: Vanguard Records/Airbnb

Update: Funny enough, Chely’s wife, Lauren Blitzer-Wright tweeted us about this story just a little while ago (10/18/17) and mentioned that this wasn’t Chely’s personal home. I don’t think I assumed it was considering how quaint it is and I didn’t figure being a famous person she would rent out the actual home she lived in, but I thought I would mention it since Lauren seemed a bit peeved I had “assumed” it was. Since the story is a year and a half old (and the house isn’t on Airbnb any longer) I thought it was kind of funny that Lauren was responding to the story now, but, you know, whatever makes your Sunday more interesting. :0)

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